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New Builds- For Sale

We will be updating our “for sale” page shortly, we just finished 2 homes on Barnard Avenue that we have already sold, but we have more on the way! We have a home in the Robinson Creek Subdivision in South Asheville, and have two under construction in Southcliff that will be available. We would like to build your home!

New Info on Web Site

We are proud of our new “home plans” section of our web page. We think our clients will find it useful while searching for the right home plan. Any of these can be changed, they usually just start as good ideas! Take a look and keep coming back, we are going to be adding more and more as time goes on.

Beaucatcher Heights Neighborhood

Amarx is proud to be an approved builder in Beaucatcher Heights, one of the only planned neighborhoods that is truly close to town in Asheville. We have just completed another home in the neighborhood. We are proud and grateful to say that there are four homes complete and we have built them all! Check out the neighborhood, they have sold many lots lately because the place is truly amazing. We will be sharing plans soon for a new home we will be putting on the market with amazing views. Their website is here.

New Southcliff Home

We have a new home in Southcliff that we will be putting up for sale next week! Should be finished in about 4 weeks. For anyone that hasn’t been in the Southcliff neighborhood, it is amazing and you should check it out. All of the amenities are very well maintained, it is a gated neighborhood, and it really beautiful. Check it out! Azalea Sales Sheet